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HS 24 'Nautical Drop'

Inspired by the captivating beauty and grandeur of the sea, this collection redefines nautical style with grace and elegance. Stripes take center stage, not just as an iconic print but as a meticulously curated artistic expression, each hand-drawn to add a unique touch.

Blending elegance, historical significance, and practicality, 'Nautical Drop' offers a bold, contemporary twist on traditional nautical aesthetics. It celebrates the spirit of nautical adventures and the endless inspiration of the sea, reflecting a sophisticated lifestyle.

Macondia's 'Nautical Drop' pieces are designed to celebrate and enjoy life with family and friends, embracing the infinite possibilities gifted by the power of the sea. In these hot summer days, finding freshness and exclusivity becomes one of life's greatest pleasures.

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Black Stripes Shirt


White Stripes Shirt


Vest In Off-White


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